An American Mosque is a timely documentary about religious freedom and the struggle against intolerance set in a rural California town.  Sparked by the destruction of a mosque, we witness how a farming community responds to hate through painful but ultimately positive discussions about the perception of Islam in America and our responsibility to defend everyone’s constitutional right to worship.

When the Islamic Center of Yuba City was burned to the ground in 1994, it became the first hate-crime to destroy a mosque in U.S. history.  On a warm summer night, arsonists broke into the newly-constructed sanctuary, doused prayer rugs with gasoline, then lit the building ablaze. The mosque was reduced to ashes. In shock, everyone asked: Why would someone attack a community’s house of worship?  For the first time in An American Mosque, the film’s characters share their stories – speaking passionately about hard work and anticipation, heartbreak and fear, triumph and hope. Members of other faiths echo their words, expressing compassion, support, and a shared desire for justice in the wake of the arson. Although deeply saddened, the community’s spirit was not shaken. They wanted to show that all Americans, including Muslims, are entitled to a religious sanctuary and the right to practice their faith openly. The community re-doubled their efforts and constructed a second mosque in the footprint of the first. This story went largely unpublicized at the time of the fire.  Now, twenty years later, it is being widely shared for the first time.

“What comes through best in [An American Mosque] is the resilience of the Muslim community and
its belief that hate crimes are no match for the nobler aspects of the human condition.”
-The Sacramento Bee


washburn-bnaiProducer, David Washburn, is an award-winning filmmaker from Oakland, California. For over a decade, he has worked on films and oral history projects that document America’s rich cultural history to bring forward underrepresented stories. David’s films have shown at film festivals, museums, and libraries nationwide; this is his second film headed for PBS stations. He is the recipient of grants from the California Council for the Humanities, Center for Cultural Innovation, and U.S. Department of Education, among others.

David is often asked, “Why, as a non-Muslim, did you make An American Mosque?” His response is simple: Our country is greatest when Americans of all backgrounds speak out against injustice, work together in unity, and resist the “otherness” which creates division and fear. History shows this ethos fosters positive change in civil rights struggles, gender equality, and interfaith work.
Shouldn’t we all ask: “If not me, who? If not now, when?”




December 19, 7:00pm

The Lighthouse Mosque
620 42nd Street Oakland CA






Rashid & Shaheen Ahmad
Arshad & Nadira Alvi
Metwalli Amer & Rosalie Cuneo Amer
Sayed Hussain
Joe Mohamed
Omar MoheyEldin
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
Mahmoud Sharif
Firdos Sheikh
Javed & Khalid Siddiqui
Carolyn & Randy Benthien
Cynthia Teeters
Aslam Godil
Farrukh Saeed
ICNA – Cape Girardeau
CAIR-Sacramento Valley
Aung San Min
Cynthia C Jones
Beth Wittman and Brian Morris
Shafiq Ur Rahman
Nizar Ahmed
Pinaree Sanpitak
Aqil & Attia Abbasi
Bashir & Sughran Choudry
Ghulam & Naseem Fareed
Muhammad & Musarat Farooq
Asif & Shahina Haq
Haseeb & Farkhanda Rana
Farrukh Saeed
Shereen Z. & Zakaud Din Vera
Ameer Alsawaf & Mona Younis
Mir Alikhan
Sayed Inamdar & Family
Imad Mouline
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Shahzad Shafique
Bill & Dellie Nevins
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Nasir Junejo
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Judith Bendewald
Saber Ahmad
Nazra Parveen Ahmad
Saeed Sohail & Connie Ahmed
Joan Denton
Javid Iqbal & Tasnim Kausar
Sakina & Sajad Janmohamed
Riffat & Muhammad Javed
Ajmal Khan
Musarrat S. Malik
Omar & Suzana Malik
Najme Minhaj
M. H. Mohanna
Tariq & Sowaiba Munir
Margot Shayne
T. Sami & Saima Siddiqui
Joan and Howard Brodsky
Muhammad Mustafa
Tim & Barbara Washburn
Lena Saleh
Waheed Malik
Ejaz Naqvi
Rubina Rahman



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